Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report

19928ffffcThe Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report discusses the national strategy on corruption, the recent anti-corruption policy measures, and the regulatory environment. By using the methodology of the SELDI Corruption Monitoring System (CMS), the report also measures the public significance of corruption, its penetration and dynamics. In conclusion it provides policy recommendations for corruption counter-measures.

The authors note that Kosovo has focused its efforts and its rhetoric towards fighting corruption as one of the main priorities of both the government and civil society. Talking about corruption, the efforts in fighting it on the side of the government, and the lack of these efforts from the side of civil society, marks the media highlights every day. However, the perception of the public about the honesty and truth about the commitment behind these claims is not improving. The public is becoming immune to the publicized activities which usually take the form of strategies, legislation, seminars and trainings, civil society monitoring, but serious lack the achievement of tangible results.

Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report (Adobe PDF, 1.5 MB, in English)

Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report (Adobe PDF, 1.5 MB, in Albanian)

Presentation of the Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report, 1 December 2014

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