Corruption Assessment Report Albania 2014

f4ba1562d3The Corruption Assessment Report 2014 assesses the progress of anti-corruption in Albania by exploring the relationship between government anti-corruption policies, the institutional setup of governance and the levels of corruption victimization of the population. The motivation behind such approach is that the governance institutional design determines the legitimate rules for all society sectors. Corruption is a violation of these rules which aims the private benefit and is often described as particularistic governance favouring private interests. It occurs when established rules are dysfunctional or when public officials deliberately violate institutional norms, laws, etc. in order to benefit and/ or ensure privileges for others.

Full text of the report (Adobe PDF, 3.08 MB, in English)

Full text of the report (Adobe PDF, 3.19 MB, in Albanian)

Roundtable: Presentation of the Albanian Corruption Assessment Report, 24 October 2014

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