Corruption and Anti-corruption in Montenegro 2013-2014

5f2fae3c9fThe report analyses the current anti-corruption policies and remaining corruption challenges in Montenegro for the period 2013-2014. The authors note that in the past three years, progress related to anti-corruption has been limited. Corruption remains prevalent in many areas and continues to be a serious problem, requiring effective implementation of deep and lasting reforms. The legislative and institutional anti-corruption framework remains to be weak and inefficient, while the capacity of existing institution in the area of prevention of corruption needs to be improved. For instance, the adoption of a number of relevant laws has been significantly delayed, while code of ethics for MPs, as well as the law on prevention of corruption – setting out the competences of the future anti-corruption agency – and amendments to the law on prevention of conflicts of interest are yet to be adopted. In the area of anti-corruption policy, a number of technical tasks have been carried out, but the overall impact of anti-corruption measures has led to limited tangible results. The anti-corruption agency needs to have a clear and well-defined mandate and effective powers to carry out its tasks, as well as necessary independence and sufficient resources that ensure efficiency. This situation leads to weak track record of investigation, prosecution and final conviction in corruption court cases, including high-level cases. Cooperation between the prosecution and the police in pre-trial investigation is not developed properly. Montenegro still needs to strengthen its overall capacity to properly coordinate, implement and monitor all the actions planned related to anti-corruption. Overall, in the past three years, the impact of anti-corruption measures so far has been limited and still need to be standardized with the EU provisions.

Full text of the report (Adobe PDF, 1.62 MB, in English)

Full text of the report (Adobe PDF, 1.65 MB, in Montenegrin) 

Presentation of the Corruption Assessment Report of Montenegro

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