Better Management of EU Borders through Cooperation

c99cea06c6The study Better Management of EU Borders through Cooperation was commissioned by Directorate General “Home Affairs” of the European Commission. CSD led a team of international experts to examine and identify the best practices of cooperation between Border Guards and Customs administrations working at the external borders of the European Union. During the yearlong effort, the CSD team interviewed representatives of all customs and border guard agencies of EU Member States. In twelve Member States the CSD team visited 25 land border crossings, ports, and airports to discuss with Customs and Border Guard officers how the cooperation between them takes place in practice. The study examines eleven particular areas of cooperation including: strategic planning, information exchange, workflow coordination at Border Crossing Points (BCP), risk analysis, criminal investigations, joint operations, control over “green” and “blue” borders, emergency situations, infrastructure and equipment sharing, and training and human resource management.

Full text (Adobe PDF, 12.8 MB)

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