SELDI Champions European Integration on Europe Day

SELDI Champions European Integration on Europe DayOn May 9th, marking Europe Day, the Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI) takes center stage in advocating for deeper regional cooperation and dialogue in the journey towards European integration. This significant occasion not only commemorates the founding principles of peace and unity in Europe but also provides SELDI with a poignant platform to underscore its commitment to fostering collaboration among civil society actors, policymakers, and citizens across the region.

SELDI network, renowned for its dedication to promoting good governance and anti-corruption in Southeast Europe, recognizes the pivotal role of European integration in advancing shared prosperity and stability. At the core of SELDI’s mission lies an unwavering belief in the transformative power of cooperation. Its objective is to contribute to a dynamic civil society in the region, capable of participating in public debate and influencing policy and decision-making processes. By convening diverse stakeholders from across Southeast Europe – including NGOs, think tanks, academia, and governmental bodies – SELDI fosters synergies and dialogue crucial for navigating the complex challenges on the path to European integration.

Through its comprehensive approach, SELDI has facilitated the exchange of best practices, expertise, and knowledge-sharing among civil society organizations, empowering them to advocate for tangible reforms aligned with European standards and values. From bolstering transparency and accountability to fortifying the rule of law and combatting corruption, SELDI’s initiatives resonate deeply with the core principles of the European project.

Leveraging this auspicious occasion, SELDI aims to amplify its message of unity and progress, urging stakeholders to redouble their efforts in support of the European integration agenda. Through collaborative endeavors and sustained engagement, SELDI envisions a future where Southeast Europe stands united as an integral part of the European family, embracing democracy and prosperity.

In the spirit of Europe Day, SELDI extends an open invitation to all stakeholders – civil society organizations, policymakers, citizens, and beyond – to unite in building a brighter, more inclusive future for the region. Let us seize this opportunity to reaffirm our collective commitment to European integration, working hand in hand to forge a prosperous and harmonious future of our countries within the broader European Union.

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