SELDI celebrates Earth Day by highlighting the link between corruption and environmental degradation

SELDI CELEBRATES EARTH DAYOn April 22, 2023 SELDI joins the global community in celebrating Earth Day and raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet.

Governments, businesses, and individuals are urged to invest in a better future for the globe in accordance with this year’s theme, “Invest in our planet.” It is an appeal for immediate action to deal with the environmental issues that we currently face and advance a green economy.

Private sector green innovation can drive significant change, with governments incentivizing citizens and institutions to create an equitable and sustainable economic system. Green energy benefits the environment energy security. As voters and consumers, individual citizens must demand sustainable solutions to mitigate, restore, and adapt to climate change.

SELDI recognizes that corruption is one of the largest threats achieving sustainable development goals.

Corruption in the environmental sector can take many forms, from illegal logging and poaching to the misuse of public funds meant for conservation efforts. It undermines the integrity of policies and institutions, leading to environmental degradation and putting vulnerable communities at risk.

The energy sector, in particular, is often plagued by bad governance and oligarchic control, rendering decision making unpredictable, haphazard, and prone to caving in to lobby interests. Without effective anti-corruption measures, we cannot hope to address the urgent challenges facing our planet, from climate change to biodiversity loss.

In the fight against corruption, SELDI is dedicated to fostering grassroots activism and public participation. Through our research and advocacy work, we aim to raise awareness about the links between corruption and the environment and to support efforts to strengthen transparency and accountability in the sector. We believe that by empowering communities and promoting good governance, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

On this Earth Day, SELDI appeals to all levels of government, business, civil society organizations, and citizens to safeguard the environment by fostering integrity and transparency in environmental governance.

Together, we can build a more just and sustainable future for generations to come.

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