Celebrating Europe’s Diversity and Unity: SELDI’s Commitment to Promote Regional Cooperation and Citizen Engagement

Celebrating Europes Diversity and UnityOn the occasion of Europe Day, SELDI reaffirms its commitment to promoting European unity and intensifying regional cooperation and dialogue among CSOs, policymakers, and citizens, as well as to promoting policy reforms in the domain of EU integration.  

SELDI, a regional network of think tanks and CSOs, is dedicated to fostering democratic institutions, promoting good governance, and combating corruption in Southeast Europe. The initiative recognizes that these goals can only be achieved through enhanced regional cooperation and dialogue among various stakeholders, including CSOs, policymakers, and citizens. 

 SELDI has been working tirelessly since its establishment to intensify regional CSOs cooperation and policy activities in the domain of European integration.  Through its numerous activities, SELDI has been able to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices among CSOs, as well as build their capacities in various areas, such as advocacy and monitoring.  

SELDI’s flagship regional anti-corruption methodology, the Corruption Monitoring System (CMS), has been instrumental in analyzing dynamics of the prevalence of corruption patterns in a society and allows comparability of data across countries and registers the actual level and trends of direct involvement in administrative corruption, as well as the public attitudes, assessments and expectations relating to corruption. 

SELDI has also been actively involved in promoting policy reforms in the domain of EU integration. Through its policy papers and activities, SELDI has been advocating for the adoption of EU standards and best practices in Southeast Europe, as well as for the establishment of stronger regional cooperation mechanisms. 

By working together, we can build a more democratic, transparent, and prosperous future for Western Balkans.

Download the policy note (PDF 100Kb)

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