CSD Policy Brief: Making Democracy Deliver in the Western Balkans: Strengthening Governance and Anticorruption

CSD PolicyBriefIn 2018 the EU and NATO and the countries from the Western Balkans have a unique chance to reinvigorate the Euro Atlantic perspective of the region. There are many areas of concern that require attention but anticorruption and good governance remain the most critical to tackling the two key risks for the Western Balkans. On the one hand, countering corruption and state capture will free the economy from the monopoly of entrenched political-economic groups and will open up space for spurring entrepreneurship and lowering unemployment. On the other hand, strengthening the rule of law and governance will improve the resilience of the region to malicious meddling from external powers intent to derailing its Euro Atlantic integration. The current policy brief provides key policy recommendations on delivering reforms in this domain through the successful triangulation of the efforts of reformist-minded local politicians, active civil society, and supportive international partners and donors.

Full text (Adobe PDF, 649 KB)

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