Infographic: Power Outages: Energy Governance and State Capture in SEE

Seldi Charticle 01Energy has been identified as one of the critical sectors with high corruption and state-capture risks, which should be addressed with priority. Illegal rents that can be extracted from the energy sector allow special interests to exert a grip on government decision-making, subverting the pursuit of an energy policy for the good of all. Large-scale energy projects across the region are exploited by local oligarchic groups aiming to increase their wealth at the expense of national energy policy priorities.

The current infographic presents key messages from the SELDI Regional Anti-corruption Report 2016. It answers the questions:

– Which are the most critical energy governance deficits in SEE?
– Which economic and geo-political factors reinforce the failure of allowing more competition in the sector?
– What is the impact of the ongoing political meddling in the day-to-day management of energy SOEs?
– Why is there a heightened corruption risks in energy sector public procurement in SEE?
– What is the state of energy market liberalisation?
– How can the governments and the civil society address with priority a critical sector with high corruption and state-capture risks such as the energy?

Download the infographic (Adobe PDF, 1.3 MB)

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