Energy Governance Fact Sheet: Turkey

be8dc78122The current fact sheet presents summarized information on key energy sector governance challenges, state of electricity sector liberalisation, financial ratios of leading energy  companies and progress of energy acquis implementation. The data is based on the SELDI Regional Energy Governance and State Capture Assessment Report (2016), the European Energy Community Progress Report (2015) and the Progress Report on the Implementation of the Energy Acquis of the European Energy Community  (2015). The authors make several policy recommendations:

• Improve transparency in the energy sector decision-making.
• Improve transparency in the governance of state owned enterprises and in energy institutions.
• Adopt a standardized approach to concessions and tenders.
• The creation of a forward and futures gas market, which would mitigate price risk and encourage competition.
• Improve consistency of energy policy in the area of promoting renewable energy sources eliminating undue burden on companies applying for a license.

Energy Governance Fact Sheet: Turkey (Adobe PDF, 89 KB, in English)

Energy Governance Fact Sheet: Turkey (Adobe PDF, 95 KB, in Turkish)

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