Energy Governance Fact Sheet: Albania

b0277f326aThe current fact sheet presents summarized information on key energy sector governance challenges, state of electricity sector liberalisation, financial ratios of leading energy  companies and progress of energy acquis implementation. The data is based on the SELDI Regional Energy Governance and State Capture Assessment Report (2016), the European Energy Community Progress Report (2015) and the Progress Report on the Implementation of the Energy Acquis of the European Energy Community  (2015). The authors make several policy recommendations:

  • Underpin quickly the Power Sector Law with proper secondary legislation, training and awareness raising.
  • Complete the full transposition of the EU energy law by removing the remaining legal obstacles (through secondary legislation) before the start of operation of TAP.
  • Work towards diversification of energy sources.
  • Create a mechanism that produces independent executives and professionals who can manage public companies independently.
  • Streamline the procurement process in energy, including availability of open data on all stages.
  • Responsible institutions should have a special focus on eligibility of operator/clients as a form of ensuring the market opening.

Energy Governance Fact Sheet: Albania (Adobe PDF, 90 KB, in English)

Energy Governance Fact Sheet: Albania (Adobe PDF, 222 KB, in Albanian)

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