Corruption Pressure and Involvement 2014

41b60d0858The SELDI Regional Anti-corruption Report underlines that despite some important achievements – mostly with respect to the stabilisation of democratic institutions, the adoption of laws in key anticorruption areas, a reduction in petty bribery and growing public intolerance of corruption in the region – anticorruption and good governance reforms are not consolidated, corruption among elected politicians and judges seems to be increasing and the enforcement of anticorruption legislation is haphazard. The experience with corruption (in other words, the involvement of members of the public in corruption transactions) in SEE is very high. Even in Turkey and Croatia, where levels of administrative corruption are lowest in the region, about 8-9% of the population reports having given a bribe in the last year. This shows that administrative corruption is a mass phenomenon in SEE countries, and cannot be confined to single cases of corrupt officials.

Source: Anti-Corruption Reloaded: Assessment of Southeast Europe, SELDI, 2014

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