Privacy Statement

The SELDI Project Partners recognise the importance of privacy to visitors of the SELDI website.

In compliance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection, SELDI has adopted and adheres to procedures for the prevention of any unauthorised access and personal data misuse. Only authorised staff members have access to the subjects’ personal data for the implementation of SELDI activities.

Signing up on the SELDI website to receive latest news or registering during SELDI events involves the provision of personal information (e.g. e-mail address). This personal data is kept private. No commercial use will be made based on the collected data. Personal data can be provided to third parties solely in connection with the performance of a specific contractual obligation related to the management and implementation of SELDI project. Personal data can be made available to the national auditing authorities, auditors from the European Commission, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the European Chamber of Auditors, the Council for Coordination in the Fight against Infringements Affecting the European Union Financial Interests, financing institutions and agencies. These institutions are entitled to carrying out on-site checks on the implementation of projects, such as SELDI, as well as to checking accounting and any other documents relevant to project financing and containing personal data.

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