The SELDI Newsletter highlights the major developments in the area of anti-corruption and good governance in Southeast Europe (SEE).

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We gather information from multiple sources to provide you with the most relevant news from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The articles included in the SELDI Newsletter are being carefully selected by professionals with long lasting experience in the fields of anti-corruption and good governance. Information on upcoming events, recent reports and analyses are also available for those interested in acquiring in-depth insight into the processes behind and the dynamics of the corruption challenge in the SEE region.


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Issue 70: Resilience and Reform: Tackling Corruption Across Southeast Europe

Issue 69: Strengthening Integrity: A United Front Against Corruption

Issue 68: Advancing community development: youth-led initiatives against radicalization

Issue 67: Anti-Corruption Efforts and Challenges in the Western Balkans

Issue 66: Regional Governance Insights: Empowering Communities and Combating Corruption in SEE

Issue 65: Joining Forces Against Corruption

Issue 64: New Developments in the Western Balkans’ Anti-Corruption Efforts

Issue 63: Promoting the Use of Big Data for Prevention of Corruption

Issue 62: The Western Balkans in Focus

Issue 61: Fostering Sustainable Civil Society Cooperation

Issue 60: Developing New Anti-corruption Strategies

Issue 59: The Role of the Local Communities

Issue 58: Promoting Accountable Institutions

Issue 57: Is There Political Will for Electoral Reforms? 

Issue 56: Presenting SELDI’s State Capture Assessment Diagnostics

Issue 55: Democracy for Sale?

Issue 54: Reforms in the Public Administration

Issue 53: Public Procurement in Focus

Issue 52: The Media Freedom during Pandemic

Issue 51: COVID-19 as a Threat to the Rule of Law in the Western Balkans

Issue 50: Tackling Corruption during Elections

Issue 49: The New Approach on Enlargement: Good Ideas in Need of a Captain

Issue 48: Delivering on the Promise of EU Enlargement

Issue 47: Setting Up New Anti-Corruption Structures

Issue 46: Continued Focus on State Capture Assessment

Issue 45: Training CSOs on Corruption and State Capture Monitoring, Advocacy and Impact in a World of Hybrid Threats

Issue 44: Promoting Budget and Election Financing Transparency

Issue 43: Working Together with the Public and the Private Sector

Issue 42: SELDI Expands its Collaboration with CSO Networks

Issue 41: Standing Up to State Capture

Issue 5: UNCAC Coalition and SELDI Newsletter: The Essential Role of Civil Society in the UNTOC and UNCAC Review Processes

Issue 4: UNCAC Coalition and SELDI Newsletter: Measuring Organized Crime

Issue 3: UNCAC Coalition and SELDI Newsletter: Civil Society Contribution to Asset Recovery

Issue 2: UNCAC Coalition and SELDI Newsletter: 7th UNCAC Conference of States Parties

Issue 1: UNCAC Coalition and SELDI Newsletter: First Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on UNCAC and its Review Mechanism in Southeast Europe

Issue 40: Promoting Collaboration among Judicial Training Institutions and HTML version

Issue 39: Preventing Corruption Through Efficient Identification of Risks and HTML version

Issue 38: Growing Focus on Corruption Risk Assessment and HTML version

Issue 37: Ensuring Police Integrity and Engancing Judicial Reforms and HTML version

Issue 36: CSOs Promote Public Administration Reform and Budget Transparency and HTML version

Issue 35: Improving Democratic Governance to Unlock Growth in Southeast Europe and HTML version

Issue 34: Launch of New Corruption Probes and Anti-Corruption Checks and HTML version

Issue 33: Corruption and State Capture Remain a Key Concern in Southeast Europe (Adobe PDF, 601 KB) and HTML version

Issue 32: Judiciary Reforms in Albania and Turkey (Adobe PDF, 761 KB) and HTML version

Issue 31: SELDI Corruption Monitoring System in SEE: 2016 Results Highlight High-Level Political Corruption (Adobe PDF, 793 KB) and HTML version

Issue 30: 2016 SELDI Corruption Monitoring System Results Presented in Albania, Serbia and Montenegro (Adobe PDF, 765 KB) and HTML version

Issue 29: Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania with Highest Corruption in Public Procurement (Adobe PDF, 505 KB) and HTML version

Issue 28: Chapters 23 and 24 as a Basis for Key Reforms in Serbia (Adobe PDF, 494 KB) and HTML version

Issue 27: Anti-Corruption Sweep in Serbia, Resignation of Macedonian Prime Minister, and Tax Fraud Indictments in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Adobe PDF, 567 KB) and HTML version

Issue 26: Macedonia: Newly Formed Special Prosecution Launches its First Two Corruption Cases (Adobe PDF, 517 KB) and HTML version

Issue 25: Serbia and Croatia Score Well in Transparency Survey (Adobe PDF, 655 KB) and HTML version

Issue 24: Ten Years of Prison for Financial Crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Adobe PDF, 580 KB) and HTML Version

Issue 23: Monitoring the Implementation of Electoral Legislation in Montenegro (Adobe PDF, 457 KB) and HTML version

Issue 22: Investigation against Romanian Prime Minister (Adobe PDF, 518 KB) and HTML version

Issue 21: Demonstrations against corruption in Moldova (Adobe PDF, 519 KB)

Issue 20: Embezzlement Probes in Romania and Serbia (Adobe PDF, 561 KB)

Issue 19: SELDI Presents its Key Findings and Policy Recommendations in Brussels on 24-25 February 2015 (Adobe PDF, 541 KB)

Issue 18: Corruption in Bulgaria Has Reached Crisis Level (Adobe PDF, 609 KB)

Issue 17: SELDI presents its Regional Anti-corruption Report at a regional conference in Albania (Adobe PDF, 587 KB)

Issue 16: EU Commission Charts Uneven Progress in Balkans (Adobe PDF, 457 KB)

Issue 15: Albanian bank governor arrested for theft, Bosnian ministers arrested for tax fraud (Adobe PDF, 452 KB)

Issue 14: EU grants Albania candidate status in light of recent anticorruption successes (HTML version) and (Adobe PDF, 464 KB)

Issue 13: Government and CSOs’ initiatives determined to fight corruption (HTML version) and (Adobe PDF, 523 KB)

Issue 12: Arrests in Montenegro and Macedonia, and 128 filed criminal indictments in Kosovo highlight efforts against corruption (HTML version) and (Adobe PDF, 430 KB)

Issue 11: Former Croatia Prime Minister convicted of corruption (Adobe PDF, 391 KB)

Issue 10: EU publishes its First Anti-Corruption Report, while corruption and political interference burden Albania’s judicial system (Adobe PDF, 419 KB)

Issue 9: High-level corruption scandal erupts in Turkey (Adobe PDF, 613 KB)

Issue 8: Political corruption investigations and social discontent prevalent in SEE (Adobe PDF, 671 KB)

Issue 7: Student protests against corruption: Occupation of Sofia University  (Adobe PDF, 683 KB)

Issue 6: Special report: Bribery in Turkey and BiH (Adobe PDF, 531 KB)

Issue 5: Political economy of corruption (Adobe PDF, 639 KB)

Issue 4: Corruption hinders economic activity, deters foreign investments in SEE (Adobe PDF, 510 KB)

Issue 3: SEE governments claim firm commitment to tackle corruption in the region (Adobe PDF, 560 KB)

Issue 2: Mass arrests for corruption in Serbia (Adobe PDF, 676 KB)

Issue 1: A new political model in Albania to do away with corruption? (Adobe PDF, 566 KB)