Southeast Europe Together Against Corruption: Developing Regional Resilience

The participants in the regional conference “Southeast Europe Together Against Corruption: Developing Regional Resilience” 20 February 2024, Sarajevo.

The SELDI initiative took part in the regional conference “Southeast Europe Together Against Corruption: Developing Regional Resilience” organized by the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative on 20 February 2024 in Sarajevo. During the conference, participants engaged in discussions on the imperative to further enhance Corruption Risk Assessment mechanisms, strengthen the Corruption Proofing of Legislation and promote the advancement of asset disclosure systems through regional collaboration.

Snezhana Kamilovska Trpovska, Project Coordinator at the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, commended the positive practice of formulating guidelines for preventing corruption in the private sector. Additionally, she highlighted the necessity for promoting cooperation with media and private sector in the fight against corruption. To achieve a real fight, she stressed out that the citizens need to see a real political will, not just declarative that we are seeing these days in the region. Citizens expects visible results together in building preventive system but and repressive mechanisms. Here the role of CSOs is crucial, by taking the governments accountable for their actions in the fight against corruption. Daniela Mineva, Senior Analyst at the Center for the Study of Democracy underscored the significance of leveraging platforms such as SELDI, the Summit for Democracy’s Cohort on Anti-Corruption Policies and National Security, and the multi-stakeholder workshops organized by RAI and UNODC to foster coalition building and capacity development. She recommended the establishment of more effective mechanisms for CSO-state cooperation, as well as the creation of broader platforms for the exchange of best practices and methodologies, focusing on addressing strategic corruption, illicit financial flows, and money laundering. She also stressed on the crucial need for national anti-corruption strategies to set measurable impact targets and establish robust procedures for monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on progress achieved.


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