Promoting Public Administration Integrity via Regional Cooperation in Southeast Europe

Accountable, qualified, and ethical public administration at national and local level is a key precondition for building democratic and prosperous societies in any country in the world. Yet, SEE countries face a particular challenge, since public bodies in the region are chronically under-resourced, and face an environment of rapidly changing rules and systemic corruption. This calls for a special focus on continuously upgrading good governance, establishing rule of law and building societal trust.

The participants at the webinar, co-hosted by R2G4P, RAI and ReSPA on 30 June 2023, highlighted the need of streamlining the policies and measures for detecting, preventing, and managing corruption risks in the public administration, aligned with the EU legislation and best international standards. The speakers promoted the use of several tools and good practices, such as the integrity plans, comprehensive asset declaration checks, MACPI, SIGMA/OECD, ReSPA and RAI trainings. The participants noted that the governments need to implement participatory approaches at the local level, and develop partnerships with the civil society. This will help to ensure that all anti-corruption policies are effectively planned, communicated and persistently enforced.


Presentation by Lech Marcinkowski, Team Leader, SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management)

Presentation by Nedim Hogic, Emile Noel Fellow, New York University School of Law

Presentation by Viktoria Poltoratskaia, Senior Analyst, Government Transparency Institute

Presentation by Daniela Mineva, Senior Analyst, Center for the Study of Democracy

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