Presentation of the Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report

On 1 December 2014 RIINVEST Institute organized a conference entitled Open Government in Kosovo 2014 to present to the Kosovo public the findings of the SELDI Corruption Monitoring System.

The presentation and summary of the Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report was widely broadcasted through all the major media outlets in Kosovo (TV, print, and online). Part of this conference was also dedicated to the presentation of the findings of a related study done by RIINVEST on “Open Governance Partnership”, also an EU funded project.

The presentation and discussion focused on the involvement and pressure for corruption, and the attitudes, namely acceptability and susceptibility, to corrupt practices. The media picked up mostly on the ranking of the most corrupt government institutions as perceived by the surveyed citizens. Aside from the global corruption perception indexes, this was the only study done regionally involving Kosovo which clearly shows where Kosovo stands compared to its neighbors since it uses a standardized methodology encompassing all factors.

The report came out a week before the constitution of the parliament, and corruption remains a hot topic for the new government that was just sworn into office.

Presentation by Mr. Premton Hyseni, Advanced researcher, RIINVEST Institute for Development Research  (Adobe PDF, 596 KB)

Kosovo Corruption Assessment Report

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