Mainstreaming Systematic Corruption Risk Assessments in SEE

Corruption risk assessment (CRA) is a diagnostic tool used by public bodies and civil society actors to identify and prevent corruption at institutional, sectoral and local levels. The benefits of utilizing CRA are numerous. It enables the allocation of scarce human and financial resources towards investigating and auditing the most prevalent and damaging corruption schemes and actors. It also facilitates the adoption of policies and counter-measures, designed to address the latest threats, and helps to build trust in public institutions.

The webinar, hosted by R2G4P and RAI on 28 September 2023, engaged in a discussion anti-corruption agencies, customs and revenue authorities, CSOs and international partners. The participants shared examples of good practice CRA tools, such as CSD’s Monitoring Anticorruption Policy Implementation (MACPI) tool, the State Capture Assessment Diagnostics (SCAD) and the Corruption Monitoring System (CMS), RAI’s Corruption Risk Assessment (CRA) and Corruption Proofing of Legislation (CPL), the Istanbul Anti-corruption Action Plan and its peer review programme, the Global Organized Crime Index, the GRECO evaluation procedures, the UNCAC review mechanism, and the integrity plans used in the Western Balkan countries.

The participants concluded that CRA should be further enhanced and transformed into a systematic, structured and continuous process. The experts also underlined the crucial role of international and civil society organizations in the development of diagnostic tools for monitoring the impact of the governments’ anti-corruption efforts.


Presentation by Ioannis Foustanakis, Head, Directorate for Strategic Planning and Behavioral Analysis, National Transparency Authority, Greece

Presentation by Julija Nikolovska, Head, Integrity Department, Customs Administration, North Macedonia

Presentation by Milos Pavkovic, Researcher, European Policy Center

Presentation by Stanley Chio, Principal Corruption Prevention Officer of the Corruption Prevention Department of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong

Presentation by Radu Nicolae, Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative, Anti-Corruption Expert

Presentation by Tatiana Mostovei, Chief Inspector, Institutional Assessment Division, General Corruption Prevention Directorate, Moldova

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