International Youth Conference: European Values for the Future of Southeastern European Countries

On 11-15 September 2015 the 13th International Youth Conference (IYC) “European values for the future of Southeastern European countries” took place in Krusevo, Republic of Macedonia, organized by Youth Alliance Krusevo. David Kern-Fehrenbach, trainee at SELDI and the Economic Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy, Bulgaria presented the key findings of the SELDI Regional Anti-corruption Report. He pointed out the role of civil society organizations in the fight against corruption and indicated the need to target critical sectors, such as the energy sector.

The IYC brought together fifty-eight active young leaders who are engaged in NGOs, youth networks and National Youth Councils, as well as eminent experts on specific fields, policy-makers and researchers from sixteen European countries. Thematic priorities were the refugee crisis, an European social model, the EU enlargement, creativity and entrepreneurship, media realities, and radical ideologies. In discussions and workshops the participants explored different approaches of youth policy and youth work in Southeast Europe.

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