International Meeting: Effectiveness of Corruption Prevention Measures

On 18-19 May 2015 the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in association with the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative and the Centre for Security Cooperation (RACVIAC), organized an international meeting on ‘Effectiveness of Corruption Prevention Measures’, hosted by the Croatian Ministry of Justice. The seminar took place in Zagreb. The participants at the meeting approached four main subject areas: the effectiveness of corruption prevention measures, monitoring and evaluation of national anti-corruption policies, corruption risk assessments and action plans in public institutions and sectors, and anti-corruption assessment of legislation.

Mr. Ruslan Stefanov, Coordinator of the SELDI initiative, presented the European practices of monitoring anti-corruption reforms, and provided examples from Bulgaria and the EU Anti-Corruption Report. He pointed out differences in the development of national anti-corruption strategies between the participating states. He highlighted three main anti-corruption measures, featured in the SELDI Regional Anti-corruption Report: delivery of effective prosecution of high-level corruption, adoption of an independent corruption and anti-corruption mechanism, and focus on critical sectors why applying anti-corruption measures. Mr. Stefanov emphasized as major challenge the difficult development of objective criteria, methods and tools for setting a viable evaluation mechanism for anticorruption strategies. He suggested the use of three different groups of indicators within the areas: outcomes and practical impact, level of corruption and governance transparency, and assessment of the implementation of the anticorruption strategy.

High-level delegates specialized in corruption prevention from the RAI and ACN countries participated at the event, as well as civil society organizations, researchers and international organizations. Mr. Munir Podumljak, Executive Director of the Partnership for Social Development (PSD) – Croatia, a SELDI member organization, also took part in the discussion.

Agenda (Adobe PDF, 543 KB, in English)

Agenda (Adobe PDF, 579 KB, in Russian)

Presentation by Mr. Ruslan Stefanov, Director of the Economic Program at the Center of the Study of Democracy (Adobe PDF, 1.4 MB, in English)

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