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April 23, 2004, Washington DC – Progress in Combating Transnational Crime in Southeastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus: update on the Role of the SECI Regional Center and the GUUAM Virtual Law Enforcement Center against Trans-border Crime

April 5, 2004, Sofia – round table on the Small Arms Proliferation and Organized Crime in Bulgaria
Bulgarian and foreign experts discussed the risks posed by small arms proliferation and the current state of the export control system in Bulgaria at a round table on April 5, 2004 at the Center for the Study of Democracy. Discussions focused on the findings and recommendations of the analytical report Weapons under Scrutiny. Participants included SEESAC and SECI experts.


November 28-30, 2003, Sofia – Regional ombudsman conference: The Ombudsman Institution in South-Eastern Europe 

November 24-25, 2003, Borovets, Bulgaria – Euro-Atlantic Integration in Southeast Europe: the Role of NATO and the Partnership for Peace in Promoting Reform in the Defense and Security Sector

November 14-15, 2003 – Community of Democracies Bucharest NGO Forum

November 4, 2003, Sofia – Fifth Southeast Europe Economic Forum: Integrating the Southeast Europe Economic Space

September 5-6, 2003, Sofia – international conference Shaping a Common Security Agenda for Southeast Europe: New Approaches and Shared Responsibilities


November 29-30, 2002, Sofia – international conference on the Informal Economy in the EU Accession Countries: Size, Scope and the Trends in Trafficking and Corruption

October 1-3, 2002, Sofia – Balkan/Black Sea Anti-Corruption Workshop

June 27, 2002, Sofia – International Cooperation in Countering Terrorism, Regional Policy Forum.

June 6-8, 2002 – the Center for the Study of Democracy jointly with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation held an international conference on the European Standards and Ombudsman Institutions in Southeast Europe.

April 18-19, 2002, Sofia – a Round Table on Informal Economy in the EU Accession Countries: Size, Scope, Trends and Challenges to the Process of EU Enlargement was organized jointly by the Bertelsmann Foundation, Gutersloh, the World Bank, Washington, D. C. and the Center for the Study of Democracy.

March 26-28, 2002, Budapest – Building Competitive Advantage in Nations:
Increasing Transparency, Combating Corruption and Improving Corporate Governance

19 March, 2002, Sofia – General Joseph Ralston visited the Center for the Study of Democracy, SELDI Executive Secretariat.

11-14 March 2002, Sofia – Regional Conference Institutionalizing the Prevention of Corruption in Security Forces: Enhancing Preventive Structures.


November 5-8, 2001- The Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) organized a Regional Management Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.

October 13-19, 2001 – Ambassador Anders Thunborg, SELDI International Steering Board member, visited the Center for the Study of Democracy.

On October 7-11, 2001 the 10th International Anti-Corruption Conference, entitledTogether against Corruption: Designing Strategies, Assesing Impact, Reforming Corrupt Institutions, took place in Prague.

On September 17 to 19, 2001, the first Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative (SPAI) Regional Conference on Civil Society Empowering Civil Society in the Fight against Corruption in South East Europe was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The second Partners in Transition Conference sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) was held in Sofia on September 10-11, 2001. H.E. Petar Stoyanov, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, served as the host of the conference.

July 12, 2001, Washington, D.C. – Coalition Building and Monitoring for Anti-Corruption: Southeast Europe Policy Briefing.

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