Effectively Identifying Corruption Risks in the Central – Local Level Budget Distribution and Spending

Transparent and accountable public financial management is a key pillar of governance reform and of utmost importance for the provision of quality public services to citizens. However, countries that grapple with compromised rule of law are confronted with a number of challenges related to the misuse of national and foreign donors’ funds for partisan purposes.

The webinar, hosted by R2G4P and RAI on 10 October 2023, focused on the fiscal relations between the central and local level. The speakers noted the unused potential of digital tools and analytical-driven approaches in detecting and preventing fraud and misappropriation of public resources. They discussed effective strategies for identifying and addressing irregularities in the distribution of funds towards and at the local level. The participants highlighted the significance of building financial investigation capacity, and fostering strong cooperation  between anti-corruption agencies and supreme audit institutions. In addition, they stressed the vital role of the CSOs, media, and the private sector in safeguarding the management of public funds and bolstering oversight control.


Presentation by Ioannis Vlassis, Analyst, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC)

Presentation by Maksim Acevski, General Revisor, State Audit Office, North Macedonia

Presentation by Margarita Dobrynina, Head of the Strategic Analysis Division, Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania

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