SELDI’s Corruption Monitoring System results for 2021 announced in Montenegro

SELDI’s partner, the Center for Democratic Transition announced at their website the SELDI Corruption Monitoring System (CMS) results for Montenegro on 28 July 2021. According to the data, every tenth citizen claims to have given money to a public servant, and almost every fifth has given a gift in order to expedite administrative procedures. The results further clarify that 15.1% of the citizens needed to provide a service to a state official in the past year.

Moreover, the citizens’ high tolerance of bribery and corruption is worrying. Almost a fifth of respondents (18.9%) said they would accept money, gifts or services, if they were public servants in low-paid positions. A total of 17.2% of respondents believe that it is acceptable for members of the Government or MPs to accept an invitation to a free lunch in order to solve personal problems. Only 14.2% of respondents believe in the political will of the public bodies, stating that corruption in Montenegro can be eradicated.

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