Anticorruption Forum of the 10th International Human Rights Film Festival in Tirana

On 24 September 2015, Mr. Zef Preci, Executive Director of the Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) and SELDI member took part in the Anticorruption Forum, organized in the framework of the International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania. Since 2006, the Academy of Film and Multimedia MARUBI organizes the festival in close collaboration with a broad network of institutions and organizations, domestic and foreign companies active in the field of human rights. In 2015, the Forum was chaired by the Albanian Minister of Local Matters and the National Coordinator for Anticorruption Issues, Mr. Bledi Cuci.

In his speech, Mr. Preci referred to the SELDI findings and the Albanian Corruption Assessment Report, indicating corruption levels and perceptions in different areas of public services and institutions. He emphasized on the role of the police in anticorruption actions and policy implementation and suggested working methodologies for effective practices in the area.

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