Establishment (1999)

SELDI was created by IDLO and the CSD through a Memorandum of Understanding dated 20th April 1999. The MoU did not create a separate legal entity, but rather provided a structured focal point for sustained action in support of the defined objectives.

SELDI is intended to multiply the effect of public-private coalition building for development throughout the Region. It provides a forum for cooperation among the most active civil society institutions, public figures and government and international agencies in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, FYROM, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey.  Greece and Turkey are considered under the Initiative as resource countries.  Particular attention is devoted to involving Yugoslav organizations and cooperation with the democratization efforts in Kosovo. SELDI will be actively seeking the cooperation of other international initiatives such as the Central European Initiative (CEI), the initiatives of the Council of Europe and the OECD, the South Eastern European Co-operation Initiative (SECI), etc.


Institutional Structure of the first SELDI initiative

The first SELDI initiative, similarly to the current one, also was an open process encouraging the participation of all stakeholders in the region.

The International Secretariat of SELDI, responsible for the overall coordination with international organisations and donors, was located at the International Development Law Organization in Rome. An Executive Secretariat for the purpose of operational support of SELDI projects was set up at the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofia.

An International Steering Board, consisting of prominent public figures and NGO and business leaders from the SELDI countries and EU member states and the US and representatives of international organisations, were responsible for establishing SELDI’s strategy and activities, is in the process of formation.