Rolling Back State Capture in Southeast Europe. Implementing Effective Instruments for Asset Declaration and Politically Exposed Companies

Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine has intensified existing geopolitical tensions throughout 2022 and into 2023, exposing persistent rule...

cover media capture
SELDI Policy Brief 18: Media Capture in the Western Balkans: From captured states to captured media

Media capture is quite visible in all Western Balkan countries. Governments influence the media by regulating access to government news...

Cover PB17 AC poliucies
SELDI Policy Brief 17: Anticorruption policies and regulatory environment in the Western Balkans

Despite the high corruption levels, observed through SELDI's 2021 Corruption Monitoring System (CMS), the Western Balkan countries continue to lack...

Cover BG16 Civil soc
SELDI Policy Brief 16: Civil Society in Anti-Corruption: Countering CSO Capture

Civil society organizations have become critical protagonists in the fight against organized crime and corruption.  However, less than 1% out...

RAR cover
Geopolitics, State Capture and Peak Corruption. What is Next for Anticorruption in the Western Balkans?

The Kremlin’s war in Ukraine has come to dominate the agenda in Europe in a very urgent way. It has...

Cover PB 15 Int
SELDI Policy Brief 15: International and Regional Cooperation: Transcending Borders in the Fight against Corruption

International and regional cooperation is a powerful tool for effectively addressing the problem of corruption. Corruption is an intricate issue...

Cover PB14 HE
SELDI Policy Brief 14: The hidden economy in the Western Balkans in a time of crisis: Friend or foe

The hidden economy is closely linked to corruption. Empirical studies show that they fuel each other - a one-point rise...

Cover R2G4P Report1 EN
Public Procurement Integrity in Southeast Europe: Mechanisms, Red Flags, and State-Owned Enterprises in the Energy Sector

The present report focused on two of the most challenging governance vulnerabilities in the SEE region: analyzing the integrity of...

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VIK 8041
Tackling State Capture in Southeast Europe: Delivering on the European Rule of Law Promise

The countries of Southeastern Europe (SEE) have come a long way in their anti-corruption development in the past two decades,...

Public-Private Partnership in Anticorruption during the Year of Action of the Summit for Democracy

Tackling corruption is a common challenge for the global democratic community. In Central and Southeast Europe, the re-distribution of state...

DSC 0311
Use of big data for tracking strategic corruption and kleptocracy. Strengthening the role of the civil society and the media

The Regional Good Governance Public-Private Partnership Platform (R2G4P) continued its efforts to increase the capacity of its civil society and...

Democratic Resilience in the EU’s Neighborhood: The Role of Good Governance and Constructive Capital
Democratic Resilience in the EU’s Neighborhood: The Role of Good Governance and Constructive Capital

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been a wake-up call for policymakers to reinforce Europe's security and geopolitical standing. The...

Nikola Burazer, Program Director, Center for Contemporary Politics; Jasna Jelisic, Head of Western Balkans Task Force, EEAS; Goran Georgiev, Analyst, Center for the Study of Democracy; Aleksandra Tomanic, Executive Director of the European Fund for the Balkans
Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe in Times of Geopolitical Uncertainty

The war in Ukraine urged international organizations to recognize that institutional gaps are abused by foreign autocrats to spread disinformation...

1 Sarajevo 01092022
Strengthening Democratic Resilience in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Tackling the Kremlin Playbook in Southeast Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently the most unstable and vulnerable country in SEE with botched EU accession prospects, dysfunctional federal...

The Policy Roundtable 'Strengthening Democratic Resilience in Montenegro:Tackling the Kremlin Playbook in Southeast Europe', 31 August 2022, Podgorica
Strengthening Democratic Resilience in Montenegro: Tackling the Kremlin Playbook in Southeast Europe

The global offensive that autocratic states, led by Russia and with the silent support of China, are waging against rules-based...

5 Skopje 29082022
Strengthening Democratic Resilience in North Macedonia: Tackling the Kremlin Playbook in Southeast Europe

The Kremlin Playbook in Europe has demonstrated that the Balkans are the most vulnerable flank of the democratic Euro-Atlantic community....

Infographic: The Way Towards Good Governance in Southeast Europe

The comparative analysis of SEE‑9 public procurement and energy SOEs’ management practices in the first R2G4P SEE Good Governance report...

Infographic: Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in the Energy Sector

The energy sector presents one of the main systematic governance problems leading to significant losses of public wealth and providing...

1 1
Infographic: Public Procurement Integrity

The first SEE Good Governance report, published by the R2G4P anti-corruption initiative, focuses on two of the most testing governance...

Infografik 02 small scaled
Infographic: Tackling corruption and breaking the accession backlog in the Western Balkans

2019 SELDI Corruption Monitoring System (CMS) data showed that countries that could see the prize of accession to the EU...

Infografik 01 small scaled
Infographic: Insights from SELDI’s Corruption Monitoring System 2021

The anti-corruption progress achieved in the Western Balkans between the early 2000s and mid-2010s has now been reversed with most...

Cover Image
Infographics: Hidden Economy levels in the Western Balkans

The hidden economy is a widespread phenomenon throughout the Western Balkans and manifests itself in various sectors, among which the...

infographic state capture cover
Infographic: State Capture levels in the Western Balkans

SELDI’s State Capture Assessment Diagnostics (SCAD) results reveal that multiple economic sectors in the region show symptoms which can potentially...

Seldi Charticle 01 scaled
Infographic: Power Outages: Energy Governance and State Capture in SEE

Energy has been identified as one of the critical sectors with high corruption and state-capture risks, which should be addressed...


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Russia’s ongoing #WarinUkraine exposed persistent #ruleoflaw deficiencies and other governance gaps in Southeast Europe.

The second @SELDI_Network 📑 on how to overcome this. #R2G4P


🏢 #Procurement and #asset declarations’ data in SEE-9 shows that the contract volume share of politically connected firms varies between 2% (Croatia in 2017) and 16% (Serbia in 2021) with an average share of 5%.

Read the full report ⏩

📝 Good practice and prerequisites for efficient #checks of #asset declarations

📌 These include using electronic platforms, cross-checks in multiple registers, gathering information on the ultimate beneficial owners, etc.

Read the full report ⏩

✍️ Asset declarations are strong, but under-used instruments for #corruption and #illicitfinance prevention among civil servants, particularly politically exposed persons (PEPs).


🗣️ The latest R2G4P policy forum discussed how the #anticorruption resolve in SEE could be restored, how public-private partnerships could support legal and procedural reforms, and what are the lessons learnt for the EU member states and #EU candidates.


📚 The second SEE Good Governance Report focuses on the #bigdata tools necessary to identify the existence of ill-gained #assets hidden by politically exposed persons (#PEPs).